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We are the largest privately-owned buyer and processor of creeping red fescue in Western Canada with exports worldwide. Our reputation is built on integrity and delivering both high-quality products and services. We listen to the needs of our customers and find a way to help them achieve their goals. Now in our third generation of ownership, we are proud of our deep roots in agriculture and our community.

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The farm and garden store in Beaverlodge is a place where you can expect great customer service from our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We carry a basic line of feeds and necessities for most farm animals, and we are always willing to source individual requests whenever possible.
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Whether it is cereal, canola, peas, faba beans, forages, turf, or native seed, Foster’s supplies high-quality seed suited to the northern climate of Alberta and British Columbia. We work with local farmers to produce this seed, giving us a range of products acclimatized to our environment while reducing the introduction of weed seeds and disease.
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With specialties in creeping red fescue, timothy, and perennial ryegrass, Foster’s has everything you need to ensure a successful harvest. Find information on seeding rates, chemicals, harvest times, and more.
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